No More Stolen Packages! Get An Offsite Mailbox

Have you fallen victim to a ‘porch pirate’?

As online shopping has become increasingly popular, there’s been an increase in mail theft, especially in the form of packages stolen from outside homes and businesses. One FedEx survey found that 1 in 4 Canadians have had a package stolen this year. It’s become such an issue that police are even setting up stings with bait packages in some cities.

People are starting to worry about missing deliveries because if they leave it outside the door, it might disappear by the time you look for it. It isn’t always possible to have someone pick up your mail while you’re on vacation, and sometimes mail arrives when you’re at work or out at an appointment.

Unless you order something by courier that requires your signature for release, how can you make sure you get your mail?

You could combat mail theft by having it sent to the front desk of your workplace or your local post office, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be accepted every time.

While Advanced Self Storage is known primarily for our secure self storage units, you can find another kind of secure storage here: mailboxes!

An offsite mailbox is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking for a theft-proof location to receive mail
  • Someone going on vacation or in the process of moving
  • People who don’t want to wait around for a courier’s delivery window
  • Those who want to keep their home address private
  • Home business owners who want to use a commercial address
  • Anyone looking to reduce mail clutter at home or at work

There’s always someone available to accept your delivery

It won’t matter if you’re busy, out for the day or on vacation. With an offsite mailbox, there’s always a trusted team member around to accept your mail. Outside of office hours, our high security facility keeps your packages safe with 24/7 monitoring.

You’ll get a notification when it arrives

There’s no need for guessing games or waiting around; you’ll get notified as soon as your delivery is ready for pickup. Some Advanced Self Storage facilities have 24-hour access, so find out if the closest location meets your needs.

There’s no minimum rental time

Whether you need a mailbox for a few weeks or a few years, set up a mail service at our address for as long as you need. All you have to do is rent the mailbox and authorize our team to accept your mail.

It’s tough to make sure you’re present to receive deliveries, especially when postal workers and couriers can often only give you an estimated time window, if that. 

Do you trust your vulnerable package will be fine sitting out on the doorstep all day?

An offsite mailbox is the safest and most convenient answer to this. It comes with peace of mind – and you can’t put a price on that.