Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter

Spring is in the air and it’s time for us to do some #cleaning around our home. decluttering can bring not only joy and happiness but also extra space and peace of mind as well.

We’ve organized our spring cleaning tips in rooms so you can easily follow them through. There is no need to rush as this is an ongoing project.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tip #1:

Remove items and clothing from shelves, closets and dressers then wipe surfaces and fixtures. Make sure you clean the corners to get rid of all the dust.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tip #2:

Declutter by sorting items into 3 piles: keep/donate/trash – don’t forget to keep donations and recycling in mind. Not everything deserves to go to the dump!

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tip #3:

Clean mirrors and windows with a microfiber towel. Microfiber is more effective than any other cloth at removing dirt, most bacteria, and some viruses from surfaces around the house!

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tip #4:

After sorting items and clothes into categories, put them back in drawers and on shelves. Try to keep them in its section so it’s easy to find them.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tip #5:

The final step, vacuum/mop the floor then clean your linens (if your linens are 3-5 years old, it’s best to replace them as they can accumulate dead skin cells and possibly dust or dander allergies).

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #1:

Remove everything from cupboards and drawers, then wipe down all surfaces with a microfiber towel.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #2:

Toss out old dry goods, then organize and label the remaining ones so it’s easy to find.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #3:

Organize pots and pans first, then utensils and dishes. Donate extras if you don’t need them anymore.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #4:

Move on to your #refrigerator. Remove items and wipe down shelves, then organize and label food as per their expiry date.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #5:

Clean oven, microwave, and any small countertop appliances.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #6:

The final step, wash and clean your trash can and recycling bin, then mop the floor. Voila.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tip #1:

Remove items from shelves, drawers and cupboards.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tip #2:

Organize and label items by type (hair care, skincare, makeup, etc.)

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tip #3:

Clean surfaces including shower tiles, bathtub, toilet and faucets. Believe it or not, using a toothbrush can work wonders!

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tip #4:

Clean mirrors with a microfiber towel.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tip #5:

Wash towels and bathmats to complete the final touch.

Garage Spring Cleaning Tip #1:

Make sure garage door and lighting fixtures are working

Garage Spring Cleaning Tip #2:

Remove everything from garage and go through vehicle supplies (oil, gas, cleaners)

Garage Spring Cleaning Tip #3:

Clean and go through equipment (toss anything that’s old or broken)

Garage Spring Cleaning Tip #4:

Clean and paint cupboards and shelves

Garage Spring Cleaning Tip #5:

Use leaf blower/broom to clean the floor, mop then put all items back

Hopefully, this checklist will help you spring clean with ease. Have fun!